Cheapest Way to Sell Your House | Sell Your House Without Fees

It doesn’t matter whether you’re buying or selling; real estate is expensive. When you’re not parting with your hard-earned money to cover realtor fees, you’re spending a fortune on legal fees and renovations to bring your house up to a sellable standard or paying for building inspections. However, selling your house doesn’t have to be … Continued

Home Buying Process Help in Phoenix, Arizona

There’s plenty to consider when purchasing a home. Learning about the real estate process and business is crucial. A little time spent empowering yourself will go a very long way because this will be one of the greatest expenditures in your life. Whether you’re an Arizona native weary of renting, a family looking to move … Continued

4 Reasons Why Your House in Phoenix Isn’t Selling

What is wrong with that listing? Average days in the market varies region to region. Most buyers are scrolling through listings online. It makes a great deal of information on the property available at a glance. This also makes potential buyers take note when a home has been on the market for longer than 30 … Continued

Selling a House During the Coronavirus: What You Should Know

The housing market in the United States bucked fears of a meltdown and instead surged in 2020 and 2021, propelled by record low borrowing rates, robust demand, and inadequate supply. Many sellers have stayed there, foregoing high sales prices in order to ride out the epidemic in familiar surroundings. It is appropriate to assess the … Continued

4 Things To Do If You Inherit A House in Phoenix

“You Inherit a House in Phoenix, Now What?” Here are your options if you inherit a property in Phoenix! Sometimes, through the death of a loved one, we end up with possessions we never thought we’d acquire. Some people are fortunate to receive the generous gift of the property but then they have to decide … Continued

Guide for Selling My House Without a Realtor (2022)

With real estate agents costing the average homeowner tens of thousands of dollars in fees, it’s no wonder people are starting to wonder if they have other options. Realtors can walk you through this sometimes-daunting sales process, but that doesn’t mean you always have to rely on them to enjoy a successful sale.  If you … Continued

Your Guide to the Phoenix Housing Market (2022)

One of the most important things people should do before buying or selling in any market is make sure they understand that market. Do your research and examine the following: Demand Property Prices The Housing Supply The Rental Market By making sure you completely understand the market in which you’re buying or selling, you can … Continued

4 Ways To Find Out What Your House Is Worth

Every day, we get phone calls, text messages, or web inquiries from homeowners asking the estimate of their home. Home prices have risen extensively. You may ought to take advantage of the rise in value and sell your home. Homeowners are curious to know the estimated value of their home in today’s market or if … Continued