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5 Reasons Why We Buy Houses in Phoenix

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Have you ever wondered, why there are a lot of posts or ads saying We Buy Houses? Why do we receive postcards about buying our properties? Why are they willing to buy my house in Phoenix?  What is in it for Oak Street Properties? 

Here are the top 5 reasons why We buy houses in Phoenix.

1. Helping Homeowners

Some homeowners need our help to sell their houses fast in Phoenix. There may be some unscrupulous people who will find a way to make money without caring who they hurt along the way. But the way we do our business, we identify the home seller’s needs. We listen, understand, and recommend.

We take the time to listen to each individual and understand the situation. We let them tell their story and let us help them the best we can.

We are more than happy to recommend to you what’s best. It could be working with a real estate agent or listing your home for sale by owner. We recommend what’s better in your case even if it means not working with us. 

We can sleep better at night because we try to do the right thing. We’re glad that there is a reliable company in Arizona offering this service to the public. A company that homeowners or home sellers can rely on to do what is best for them. This is one of the reasons why we buy houses in Phoenix.

2. Renovating

We love fixing up houses! While rehabbing property is definitely not for everybody, it is for us! It’s exciting to know that we will be providing a quality home for a family to grow in. This is another reason we buy houses in Phoenix Arizona.

Others may only see hard work and a bottomless pit of expenses when they are looking at a run-down property. But it’s exciting for our team. We have built long-term relationships with people who are masters of their craft. We have been assembling teams of the best professionals in the construction industry.

These masters of their craft, work side-by-side with us. They’re with us as we renovate, repair, or rehab properties. We know our team will correct anything that isn’t right about the property. It’s great to know that our efforts provide people with homes. Homes that are now updated. Homes that will meet the demands of today’s lifestyle and offer enjoyment for many years to come.

3. Time

Oak Street Properties offers a definite closing date, within a short timeframe. Yes! We offer that especially when a homeowner is facing a financial deadline. There are many times that we have helped a seller to avert a personal economic disaster. It’s by stepping in just in the nick of time. Knowing we make a difference in other’s lives motivates us every day, as we buy houses in Phoenix and other areas of Arizona.

The unknown timeline when listing with a real estate professional means the bills will continue despite your budgetary restrictions. That’s how a traditional listing works. When considering a fair price, don’t forget to factor in all of the expenses and subtract them from the bottom line. The benefit of working with us is that there are no fees.

4. Hassles

Not only does a traditional listing mean less profit, but it can also be time-consuming. It takes time to get your property into shape. It takes time as well to maintain a picture-perfect interior at all times.

Showings mean a stream of intrusions. Some of which are nosy neighbors or people who want to tour your home. Add as well those open houses taking up your weekends. Some people cannot deal with the headache. They don’t want strangers walking through their homes. So, we offer another option. We’re buying the home as-is and letting the owner walk away with the profit. Easy, hassle-free, and quick, right? This is one of the reasons why we buy homes in Phoenix.

5. Community Pride

We love restoring communities. It is a huge motivating factor when we buy homes in Phoenix or any surrounding areas of Arizona.

It all starts with pride of ownership in each individual homeowner. Notice one home on a block makes an improvement? Similar improvements will start happening up and down the block. We understand this phenomenon.

We know that our endeavors lead to a rise of pride in the community. As the improvements continue, we see our work building even more of a sense of community.  It creates a mindset of change in the residents. They make it worth all the effort to maintain their homes. They’ll engage in keeping their neighborhood safe and beautiful.

We love helping people. It is the biggest reason why Oak Street Properties buys homes in Phoenix. Send us a message or call (480) 637-5500 today to learn more about what we can offer!

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