Best Paint Colors to Sell Your House Quickly

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When you start thinking about selling your house, you might be pondering the many different ways you can enhance your home’s looks to sell it faster and potentially for a higher sales price. While you might decide to invest tens of thousands of dollars in a new kitchen or bathroom, many people also consider painting. 

Painting is a fast, easy, and cost-effective way to freshen up a house for sale, but choosing colors can be challenging. Before you don your painting overalls, consider some of these options below. 


Greige is a relatively new combination of colors that shot to the height of popularity in early 2022. The term describes a combination of gray and beige, which forms a warm yet modern color that suits the interior walls of both contemporary and classic homes. 

It offers all the warmth you’d achieve from a beige color palette, but the gray gives it that modern ‘edge’ your home might be lacking. It has been described as the paint color of the decade in the UK. 


It can take months for the average homeowner to choose a suitable paint scheme for their home, and you might not have months to spare. In that case, a simple tin of white paint might appeal. 

White is a light and neutral color that can make even the tiniest rooms appear much larger. However, before you purchase the first tin of white paint you find at your local home decoration store, it’s essential to understand that not all white paint will suit your home. 

There are very few pure white paint types available, and most normally have a cool or warm undertone. Cool undertones can make a house appear cold and unwelcoming, while warm undertones can sometimes make rooms appear dirty. 

Consider purchasing sample pots and painting small sections on your interior walls to make sure you’re entirely happy before painting the rest of the house. 

Neutral Hues

When you paint a home for your own pleasure, you might be more than confident using bright colors that appeal to your personal preferences. However, when you’re painting to sell your home, you might be able to sell faster by appealing to the masses. 

Use neutral, earthy hues that suit classic and modern homes, and achieve bursts of color through your décor rather than permanent fixtures. Grays, browns, and whites can all be painted colors you use with confidence. 

Don’t Paint At All

While painting is a cost-effective and easy method for helping you sell your house quickly, it’s not always necessary. When you sell directly to professional purchasers, you don’t have to undertake any maintenance, repairs, or renovations. 

Instead, you can accept a cash offer, pack up your possessions, and move out. There’s also no need to worry about lengthy closing processes, negotiations, and leaving the house spotless before you go. Staying away from bright colors and sticking with more neutral hues can be an effective way to make your house as appealing as possible to purchasers. However, you might also see the value in contacting professional buyers like AK Street Properties who can purchase your property without you needing to make any changes.

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