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How to Get Your House Ready to Sell in 30 Days! Phoenix, AZ

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When homeowners are preparing to sell their property, how it is displayed for sale may make a significant difference in how quickly and at what price it sells. A seller must prepare their house to appeal to as many purchasers as possible while selling their house fast in Phoenix, Arizona.

Moving is one of life’s most stressful situations, and selling your home is no exception. How do you get from zero to listing in 30 days while still living in your house? In this article, we’ll walk you through a week-by-week plan for properly preparing to advertise your house and showcasing it in the best possible light.


1. Calculate your home equity

First, calculate your home equity, which is the current value of your property less the amount owed on your mortgage. Tke your outstanding mortgage debt and deduct it from your anticipated house value to obtain your approximate equity.

Your best option for listing your house in 30 days will be influenced by the amount of equity you have. If you have a sizable nest egg, selling is a terrific way to convert your equity into cash to spend toward a bigger house or retirement. However, if you have minimal equity, you should consider if selling your property now is the best decision, or if you should delay until you have more equity. Selling a property may normally cost between 9% and 10% of the transaction price. The selling profits must cover those expenses and then a portion if you intend to earn a profit.

2. Hold interviews

You will then conduct interviews with realtors. We recommend doing at least three interviews and getting references from coworkers, family, and friends. This person must be someone you get along with and trust.

3. Decide on a list price

Precise pricing is essential for making a quick sale. If you overprice your property, it will most likely sit on the market, becoming less appealing to purchasers. Your realtor will do a comparative market analysis to establish the market value of your property by comparing its condition, size, features, and other factors to similar properties that have previously sold in Phoenix, AZ. Once your agent has determined the market value, they will collaborate with you to establish a listing price based on market trends.


1. Declutter your entire property

Decluttering your home before taking photographs and showings might boost the value of your property. Recycle, donate, or trash everything you don’t need, and afterward pack up anything you won’t need until you move.

2. Depersonalize your living space

Personal objects such as religious decorations, family portraits, sports team insignias, and other collections may turn off potential buyers. Depersonalizing each area makes it easier for purchasers to imagine themselves residing in the property.

3. Improve the marketability and value of your house by staging it

According to the National Association of Realtors, staging a property can raise its value by up to 5%. With careful staging, your interior will appear larger and more modern, improving the perceived property value to purchasers. It also assists purchasers in visualizing themselves residing in the house.

4. Replace old lighting fixtures

Old lighting fixtures, like popcorn ceilings, can age your home. For an instant facelift, replace old and antiquated lighting fixtures, especially in common spaces like the dining room, kitchen, and living room. Choose transitional style fixtures that integrate contemporary and historic design for wide customer appeal.


1. Prepare for showings

In week three, you will devise a strategy for showing. This becomes more challenging if you are a remote worker or have pets or children. You should have a strategy for swiftly cleaning high-traffic rooms such as the bathroom and kitchen, as well as making beds and putting away clutter. You might consider buying a couple of small baskets to hide items in case of a last-minute showing.

Create a plan that works for you and communicate it to your realtor. If you require at least an hour’s notice, notify your agent so that other agents are aware. Bear in mind that you intend to make your house as easy to showcase as possible and that you want to leave it in “show ready’ condition every day.

2. Seek counsel

During this week, ask your professional stager or realtor if they have any suggestions for improving the appearance of your property. You may also seek advice from friends and family.

3. Hire a real estate agent

The next step is to employ a realtor. It’s time to start putting pen to paper and finalizing your listing agreement. Go over the process with your agent thoroughly so you understand the timetable, contractual requirements, and how they will plan showings with you.

Tell them you’ll be prepared to launch your listing by the end of next week so they can schedule professional images. It is critical that everybody is on the same page and that information flows smoothly in both directions.


1. Employ a professional cleaner and landscaper

You will also engage a skilled cleaner to perform a deep clean. Windows, flooring, light fixtures, grout, and everything in between should be taken care of. 

Hiring a landscaper to tidy up both the rear and front yards is a good idea. Curb appeal is essential, and overgrown trees might convey a poor image. Make sure everything is neat and tidy. 

2. Organize a pre-listing house inspection

A home inspection is often performed after a purchaser has placed an offer on your property. After receiving the house inspection report, the buyer will often try to bargain for a lower price based on required or future repairs.

If you desire a quick sale, arrange a pre-listing house inspection so you can inform purchasers of the results of the inspection prior to their making an offer. Buyers will know exactly what they’re getting into before making an offer, which will expedite the closing process. Check with your real estate agent to see whether they believe a pre-listing inspection will be beneficial.

3. Fill out the necessary seller documents

You may be required to fill out many forms when selling your house. Request this paperwork from your real estate agent, and inquire whether they require any other relevant data from you to finalize the listing. Here are a few assignments you may be required to complete:

  • Send your agent an email with a list of community benefits, any extra house features, and local entertainment that you believe may enhance the property description
  • Provide your agent with information on the condition and age of critical structural features such as the roof or HVAC system
  • Obtain digital copies of your floor plan and home survey for inclusion in the listing
  • Fill out your seller disclosure paperwork, including any known property problems
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4. Make the listing active

You’re now ready to activate the listing and begin taking showings. Remember that you will need to offer your realtor a house key. They will submit your property description and photographs to the multiple listing service (MLS), which is an internet database where real estate agents may access and share your house with their buyers. Once your listing is public, all you have to do is maintain your property immaculately in preparation for incoming showings and wait for bids. 


Understanding how to sell your property quickly does not have to imply that you will undercut the price. It is possible to receive top dollar for a property without needing to wait a century to sell it.

The choice to sell a property is highly personal for the homeowner. The reasons for selling can be both positive and negative: divorce, facing foreclosure, relocating due to a new job, or they may have inherited a home and simply need to sell soon to avoid paying an additional mortgage.
Whatever your reason for wanting to sell your property in Arizona, it’s critical that a seller learns how to sell their home swiftly. We’ll buy your house in any condition without listing fees, and you’ll get a free, no-obligation cash offer. Why not give us a call today?

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