Guide for Selling My House Without a Realtor (2022)

With real estate agents costing the average homeowner tens of thousands of dollars in fees, it’s no wonder people are starting to wonder if they have other options. Realtors can walk you through this sometimes-daunting sales process, but that doesn’t mean you always have to rely on them to enjoy a successful sale.  If you … Continued

Your Guide to the Phoenix Housing Market (2022)

One of the most important things people should do before buying or selling in any market is make sure they understand that market. Do your research and examine the following: Demand Property Prices The Housing Supply The Rental Market By making sure you completely understand the market in which you’re buying or selling, you can … Continued

4 Ways To Find Out What Your House Is Worth

Every day, we get phone calls, text messages, or web inquiries from homeowners asking the estimate of their home. Home prices have risen extensively. You may ought to take advantage of the rise in value and sell your home. Homeowners are curious to know the estimated value of their home in today’s market or if … Continued

Arizona Housing Market Predictions for 2022

Arizona has been one of the hottest real estate markets in the United States, and its greater housing market is extremely strong this year. While other cities in Arizona didn’t make it to the list, the Grand Canyon state generally showed an impressive housing market. Predictions published in housing market news show that Arizona continues … Continued

Selling House During Divorce: 4 Things to Think About

Very few married couples ever enter into a property purchase thinking they’ll need to separate and divide assets. However, divorce is more common than you think, so it can be a reality for many people. If you’re currently working through a separation and a subsequent house sale, there can be a lot to organize. Before … Continued

Best Paint Colors to Sell Your House Quickly

At the point when you think of selling your home, you may be considering the various ways you can improve your home’s looks to sell it quicker and possibly for a higher sales price. While you could choose to put a huge number of dollars in another kitchen or restroom, many individuals likewise consider painting. … Continued

What Is the Best Time to Sell a House in Phoenix?

Selling your home is upsetting and time-consuming, and one of the most often posed inquiries is whether there’s the best opportunity to offer to maximize the profits and minimize wasted time. Nowadays, homes are spending less days available (DOM) compared to two or three years ago, suggesting very high demand, which makes home sales very … Continued

Average Costs to Sell a House: Let’s Break It Down

Whether it’s your main residence or your other property, selling a house is a tedious cycle that can be financially draining — significantly more so than the run of the mill house dealer could anticipate. It’s vital to expect the costs related to the deal assuming you plan to re-contribute the returns. Sadly, most expenses … Continued

Checklist For Getting Your House Ready to Sell in Phoenix (2022)

Moving houses is known to be one of life’s most upsetting experiences. Leaving friends, family and the environment you have grown accustomed to can be genuinely difficult, while repairing, cleaning, and showing a perpetual stream of outsiders around your home can equally cause significant discomfort. Most homeowners would like the process involved with selling their … Continued

How to Sell a Phoenix House Fast in a Slow Market?

4 Tips on How to Sell a Phoenix House Fast in a Slow Market In the last decade, every homeowner dreams of being able to sell their home in a sellers’ market. But, since the mortgage crisis and economic crash of 2008, the real estate market has been rebounding at astonishing rates and this resulted … Continued